Mental Disorders Part 4

Miss Rebellious was wondering how many of us know the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist? Not many probably. Well, a psychiatrist is such an expert in psychological illnesses, who holds an M.B.B.S degree in psychology along with getting trained in the field at least for a year.

On the other hand, a psychologist who is not related to medication at all. Instead of holding a degree in medicines; a psychologist they do Masters in psychology. Therefore, they don’t prescribe medicines but help in the diagnosis and treatment of the patient. They measure the intelligence and personality of the patient through various tests. For instance, they do psycho-therapies and counseling for the patient.

There are different sections of psychology, like child psychology, Geriatric, Forensic Psychology, Addiction and more. Pakistan is well- equipped in child psychology; while it’s still working in the fields of Forensic Psychology and Addiction-ology.

And, the Global Institute of Health; defines health as:

Health is not the absence of a disease. It is but a feeling of being physically, psychologically and socially satisfied and progressive.

However, this definition is considered to be incomplete or ambiguous medically. Later, the World Federation for Mental Health said that:

  • A mentally healthy person is aware of his own talents as well as his defects.

  • He knows how to enhance or decrease them

. He should be able to solve his daily issues.

  • He should do some positive work so that he is useful to the society in some way.

If someone lacks even in any 1 of these 4 criteria then according to the federation he is not mentally healthy. Also, a survey was performed in the United Kingdom recently; states that:

Only 13% of its total is living its life completely.

So, the question that rises is how do we find out if someone really have any mental issue or not? Well, it’s a tough one indeed; but not impossible. Right!

You just have to note certain symptoms down, like fear, sleeplessness, sadness, irregular eating, stressing oneself without any reason and the list goes on.

In Pakistan, mental deseases like anxiety, depression, complications due to drug abuse and the Somato from Disorder are extremely common. A patient suffering from anxiety or phobia fears many things, assumes alot and gets panicky soon. If someone is suffering from the Somato form Disorder, then his body shows a couple of physical symptoms that are mental deseases in actual. For example, a patient might go to his doctor to get his liver or another organ examined; while he doesn’t know that in real he is feeling sad or agitated. So, his liver doesn’t need any treatment but his mind might be waiting for the same. The state of someone suffering from Somato disorder is similar to someone who is about to be shot dead any instant. In such a situation his heart starts beating loudly; also his liver starts producing more amount of acids. Hence, the patient isn’t able to express his own stresses. He would never be able to say why he’s sad. Not only that, but according to an estimate; 25% people all over the world that makes 1 out of every 4 is either anxious or depressed. Infact, 34% people of Pakistan are suffering from either depression or anxiety. Similarly, 1% are Schizophrenic, as Miss Rebellious has already pointed out in her blog post “Understanding Despair”. A Schizophrenic can’t think, act or understand properly. His thoughts, emotions and reactions begin to change. He hears voices that no one else does; or sees things that don’t exist. He hallucinates and what not. A bipolar suffers from a split personality. He is extremely happy at some time; yet uncontrollably sad at others. A patient of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder has recurrent painful thoughts; or he can’t stop repeating an action again and again. A maniac is an extremist in all his emotions. His behavior is never consistent. He considers himself a celebrity, makes unrealistic plans and more.Lastly, 2.5 % are mentally retarded in Pakistan. Mental illnesses in children Mental Retardation disorder, Hyper Kynetic disorder, Autism, phobias and emotional problems. If we do nothing now then when?

Now about depression, both the genders can be equally depressed. It’s characterized by sadness, negativity, and the patient might be least interested in routine activities for more than 2 weeks. However, women get depressed dur to unfair behavior ( from their father or husbands for instance), in case of menopause women become moody, tensed, agitated or can’t sleep properly. Men need to more generous towards their better halves in these days. Women might also get depressed after becoming mothers. Kindness doesn’t cost much. Does it? This can happen to anyone!

Schizophrenia and the bipolar disorder has a lot to do with genes; while in case of anxiety, depression and the Somato disorder less than 40% of genes is involved.

Then, mental issues are diagnosed through family history, psychometric tests, rating scales and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition. Most of the mental deseases can be treated by focussing on the patients ABC – Affect/ Analytical Behavior Cognition. The belief that, mental issues are impossible to treat can be everything but true. If correct methods of diagnosis and treatment are used continuously; more than 70% patients can be treated. Medicines and counseling both are effective. 30% Schizophrenics have become normal through medication alone. And, we need to keep our behaviors towards such patients in check. Be gentle! Medicines are a must for those suffering from Schizophrenia, Bipolarity, Organic Psychological Disorders Dementia, Personality Disorder and OCD. Counseling is enough for others. Patients don’t get addicted to medicines. They can lead normal lives post treatment. It’s necessary to listen to the psychiatrist and not the owner of the medical store.

Moreover, in 1977, George Angel proposed that; there can be biological, sociological as well as psychological factors to be mentally ill.

Children psychology is another broad topic in itself. People are not aware about how to take care of mothers during pregnancy; which affects the unborn child. Mothers should be careful to not use medicines that can be harmful to a life which has yet to come into the world. As the child grows up, his parents need to protect him from any kind of fear that might develop in his mind. Certain strict teacher make education a curse for a child. The concept of an ideal child is that which can act like a robot in Pakistan. In correct attitude of cousins, siblings and class fellows might also create complications for children. If a child asks questions during his age of growth, he should be answered as truthfully as possible. Asking unusual questions is necessary for a child’s mental growth. Out door activities are also decreasing these days. These are some of the reasons for psychological issues in the kids.

Furthermore, suicidal thoughts are the worst form of mental health. They can be due to failure in love, poor performance in an exam, tensions, marriage without love, stresses related to money or even arguments at home. Mostly, impulsive people commit suicide. 70% among those who take their own lives are such that even if they continue their treatment; it’s difficult to diagnose their desease.

To add more, Hysteria or Conversion Disorder can be treated by ending a hidden mental complication through counseling the patient. The desease forces women to unconsciously, behave in a way that is not connected to reality at all.

Additionally, John Nashe won the Noble Prize despite being a Schizophrenic. Late Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi was suffering from depression. So, if those suffering from mental issues are given proper guidance and correct treatment; they can play a significant role in the society. Definitely! Then, there are 2 types of mental ailments. While, the Neurosis ones are very common; the Psychosis ones – including madness are only 1-2%.

In conclusion, if you suffer from any mental issue then:

  • fight against it.
  • Be positive.
  • Be careful about your physical health.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Eat healthy food like bananas, beans, walnuts, dry fruits fish, fruits and vegetables.
  • Stay away from any addictive edibles.
  • Exercise regularly. Walk daily for 30 minutes at least.
  • Remain in constant contact with the psychiatrist or psychologist.
  • Don’t use medicines without prescription.
  • The government, common man and the concerned organizations all must focus on mental health.

The readers are free to add anything they want. Keep commenting โ˜บ๏ธ!Miss Rellious didn’t intend to make it this long๐Ÿ‘; but it’s such an interesting topic to write on – that she hopes the readers don’t get bored๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™Ž!


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