Dreams, Fragrances and the Eiffel Tower

Many countries all over the world are known for their natural beauty and attention; but Europe has a unique charm. Whereever you look, you’ll see greenery, crystal clear fountains of water, broad roads – that are always litter free and much more.

Do the Europeans wanna go to Paris?! You could travel either by aeroplane, or take your car from Britain to France; another option is the famous 50.45km long Euro – tunnel that connects France to England. Miss Rebellious would have chosen option no 3 any time. Do you know why? Guess Come on…………..

Well, because……………..

The services of the train are mindblowing, the seats are comfortable.

And, a part of the journey through the tunnel; when the train crosses over a 250 km deep water – the view is so jaw dropping yet awe inspiring that, you’d want to stay there for a longer time; and capture it in your memories until the next time. Wanna bet!

The Euro Star St. Pain Cross International (Londoners sorry if the spelling is wrongπŸ™ŽπŸ˜”) starts from London and stops at 3 different places in Paris. Readers are requested to join the blogger on this awesome journey. Won’t you?

It takes 2 hours to reach France from London, but you’ll enjoy yourself so much that; you won’t be able to realize how it ended. Usually the tourists who visit France are attracted by Paris the most. Miss Rebellious thinks that booking online in advance saves a lot of time.

It’s believed that, Paris is cold even during summers; but those who wish to visit the city of dreams can bear it. Right?

What Miss Rebellious likes the most is the spotless cleanliness of Paris. There are no traces of any garbage in the city of dreams like other countries of Europe. None at all! Tourism is like the backbone of the economy of any country. A nation is bound to advance economically if it’s tourism is strong. If the government of Pakistan is reading this; please make our roads clean. Don’t we want our economy to be strong? We definitely do!

The first stop of Euro Star is the famous export hub of Paris – Grey the North (if the blogger isn’t wrong); which attracts the tourists because be cosmetics, clothes or shoes everything is easily available. There is a large number of hotels that offer halal food at cheep rates; and its mouth watering πŸ˜‹. If you guys ever visit the place, make sure to start your day with halwa Puri, aalu ki bhujia and a cup of tea, which carries the fragrance of cidemon. It’ll refresh you for sure.

After this yummy breakfast, travellers move to the Eiffel tower ☝️ usually. The tower is named after Gausto Eiffel (correct the blogger if she spelled it wrong); the engineer who designed it. It’s 1,063 feet high. Certainly, It’s the pride of Paris. The path that’s used to reach the top of the tower is exceptionally beautiful. But how many of us have the courage to look down?πŸ˜¨πŸ˜‰? The tower is lighted at night, making it a more splendid sight; if it was not worth a watch already.

A park has also been constructed around the tower. It’s filled with fragrant flowers. If you love nature, you’ll have a great time there. The security of the park is extremely tight post incidents of terrorism.

The third stop I the journey is Love Palace – the meuseum that has several remnants of the time of the kings; and tells the tourists about the life style of the royals. Leo Nardo Da Vinci’s master piece Mona Lisa- that needs no introduction, is also the most essential part of the meuseum. And, the authorities are very careful about the security; because several attempts have been made to steal the painting in the past. It’s 1 of the most crowded places of entire Paris; as it’s not possible to view each and every part of the grand and multi story museum in such a short time. Then, the art of the Islamic Calligraphic Art Gallery has no comparisons. Miss Rebellious doesn’t find proper words to describe what a splendor it really is. It’s better to experience something beautiful sometimes; as the blogger feels that her words won’t do justice to the marvellous magic of the gallery. Miss Rebellious is sorry if she disappointed her readers πŸ˜”.

Moving on to the biggest square of Paris – Place De La Concorde probably ( the blogger wishes she knew French though. Don’t you?); where numerous rebels were hanged during the French Rebellion. Its name has been changed many a times. This is its final name. It has a beautiful fountain, and a pillar with it too. Apparently the pillar was gifted to France in the 19th century. In the west of Place De La Concorde; is the street Shanzay Lizay, well known globally for its cafe, theatre and shops. Every year, Bastille Day Military Parade- the oldest parade in the whole world; is held on this very street on the 14th of July. Shanzay Lizay was given the status of the most fashionable avenue in the 18th century. After 2008, all the honorable brands world wide have opened their own shops on Shanzay Lizay.

It’s a well known fact that, Paris is also called the City of Fragrances; because perfumes of every single brand of the world is available here. Shanzay Lizay ends at Arch Di Triomphe though; that was made to pay a tribute to the martyrs of French Revolution. In addition, it’s a city full of uncomfortable gardens.

In the end, the city is presents a wonderful picture of the beauty, culture and civilization of the French. It’s much more than simple French fries or French toast🍟. Don’t you think so?

Your tour guide Miss Rebellious hopes that you enjoyed the ride; and wishes you all the best until next time……


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